Food Corporation of India has selected mjunction services limited for e-auction of foodgrains under OMSS(D) w.e.f. April 2022 to April 2024. Interested buyers are requested to empanel themselves by clicking on the "Register to get empanelled" link below or get in touch with the help desk at 1800 102 7136.

“For Bulk-Wheat and Bulk-Rice: As per FCI directives, against One PAN number, only One participation will be allowed in one bid in a region, in each weekly auction, irrespective of the number of firms registered or multiple GST under the same PAN or the number of Branch offices in different States, subject to the maximum quantity that a buyer can bid under the policy guidelines.”

ALERT FCI : As per New Directive received from FCI HQ Dated : 28th April ’22, All the New & Existing buyers are allowed to send empanelment documents in SOFT COPIES for registration . E-MAIL ID is- For any query call- 1800-102-7136.

⚠ Alert FCI : As per New Directive received from FCI HQ Dated : 28th April ’22, All the New & Existing buyers are allowed to send empanelment documents in SOFT COPIES for registration . E-MAIL ID is- For any query call- 1800-102-7136.
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Friday, 23 February 2024

Auction ID MTF/E-Auction No. Commodity-Auction Type FCI Region Publish Date E-auction Date
61623 RO BR-15.0011.0/4/2023-COMM -RO BR Wheat-Bulk FCI-Bihar 23-Feb-2024 28-Feb-2024
61622 S&S/OMSS (D)/Rice/2023-24/33 Rice-Bulk FCI-Gujarat 23-Feb-2024 28-Feb-2024
61621 S&S/OMSS (D)/Wheat/2023-24/36 Wheat-Bulk FCI-Gujarat 23-Feb-2024 28-Feb-2024
61620 ROWB-28.0018.0/2/2023-Comm.Div. Wheat-Bulk FCI-West Bengal 23-Feb-2024 28-Feb-2024
61619 RO MP-27011/20/2024-Sales-RO MP Wheat-Bulk FCI-Madhya Pradesh 23-Feb-2024 28-Feb-2024
61618 OMSS(D) Rice/Tender/2023-24 Rice-Bulk FCI-NEF Region 23-Feb-2024 28-Feb-2024
61617 OMSS(D) Wheat/Tender/2023-24 Wheat-Bulk FCI-NEF Region 23-Feb-2024 28-Feb-2024
61616 ROHP-20.0011.0/11/2023-Sales- ROHP Wheat-Bulk FCI-Himachal Pradesh 23-Feb-2024 28-Feb-2024
61615 S&S/2(1)/2023-24/OMSS(D)/URS&FAQ WHEAT/ TENDER/FEB 2024 TR 4 Wheat-Bulk FCI-Tamil Nadu 23-Feb-2024 28-Feb-2024
61614 RO UP-21.0015.0/2/2024-SALES RO UP-Part- (I) Wheat-Bulk FCI-Uttar Pradesh 23-Feb-2024 28-Feb-2024
61613 W/08/2024 Wheat-Bulk FCI-Assam 23-Feb-2024 28-Feb-2024
61612 Rice-RO RJ-26020(12)/3/2023-SS-RO RJ (E-188949) Rice-Bulk FCI-Rajasthan 23-Feb-2024 28-Feb-2024
61611 Wheat- RO RJ-26020(12)/3/2023-SS-RO RJ (E-188949) Wheat-Bulk FCI-Rajasthan 23-Feb-2024 28-Feb-2024
61610 HR-14.0011.0/1/2023-Comm-RO-HR Wheat-Bulk FCI-Haryana 23-Feb-2024 28-Feb-2024
61609 Odisha-S&S/2/OMSS(D)/Wheat/2023-24 Wheat-Bulk FCI-Odisha 23-Feb-2024 28-Feb-2024
61608 S&S/2/OMSS(D) E-AUCTION/RICE/2023-24 Rice-Bulk FCI-Karnataka 23-Feb-2024 28-Feb-2024
61607 S&S/2(2)/OMSS(D)E-AUCTION/WHEAT/2023-24 Wheat-Bulk FCI-Karnataka 23-Feb-2024 28-Feb-2024
61606 RO CG-31033.0/9/2024-Sales Wheat-Bulk FCI-Chhattisgarh 23-Feb-2024 28-Feb-2024
61605 No.42(PUB)/FAQ/URS/PB/Wheat/2023 Wheat-Bulk FCI-Punjab 23-Feb-2024 28-Feb-2024
61604 UKD-OMSS-Wheat 23-24-E Auction-36 Wheat-Bulk FCI-Uttarakhand 23-Feb-2024 28-Feb-2024
61603 TL-39.0033/2/2023-SELS-RO TL Wheat-Bulk FCI-Telangana 23-Feb-2024 28-Feb-2024
61602 MH-13.0013.0/8/2023-Sales - RO MH/Wheat/42 Wheat-Bulk FCI-Maharashtra 23-Feb-2024 28-Feb-2024
61601 S&S.11 (1)/OMSS(D)/E-auction/2023 Wheat-Bulk FCI-Kerala 23-Feb-2024 28-Feb-2024
61600 Coml/2(1)/OMSS(D)/Rice/2023 Rice-Bulk FCI-Jammu & Kashmir 23-Feb-2024 28-Feb-2024
61599 Coml/2(1)/OMSS(D)/Wheat/2023 Wheat-Bulk FCI-Jammu & Kashmir 23-Feb-2024 28-Feb-2024
61598 FCI/RO/JKD/COMML/OMSS(D)/WHEAT(23.02.2024) Wheat-Bulk FCI-Jharkhand 23-Feb-2024 28-Feb-2024
61597 WHEAT/TE-42 (2024) Wheat-Bulk FCI-Delhi 23-Feb-2024 28-Feb-2024
61596 Aru-21014/2023-COMML-RO AP-Part(2) Rice-Bulk FCI-Arunachal Pradesh 23-Feb-2024 28-Feb-2024
61595 OMSS (D)/Wheat/36/2023-24/AP(23.02.2024) Wheat-Bulk FCI-Andhra Pradesh 23-Feb-2024 28-Feb-2024